Information for parents

Justlearn Charity Child Contact Centre offers a safe and enjoyable place for parents who live apart from their children to spend quality time in a neutral, friendly and secure environment.

We have trained volunteers supported by a coordinator at the centre who will help to ensure that the contact time is a positive experience for the children and non-resident parent. Our volunteers and staff are impartial and are not there to give advice. They will not be aware of your personal details. 

If you wish to make a referral, please visit our Referral page and complete our online enquiry form. We will then be in touch to email you a copy of our referral form.  

Once a referral has been accepted, Justlearn Charity Child Contact Centre will arrange a pre-contact visit for all parents and children. The purpose of this is to ensure any questions can be answered and all those involved are familiar with the centre ahead of contact. 

Please be aware that there will be other families in the room having contact.

Our Services 
  • In-person Supported Contact
  • Handover 

Key points

  • Everyone on the premises is signed in at arrival and signed out when they leave 
  • The children having contact and the resident parents/carers have their own entrance to the building
  • The person having contact will have a separate entrance point 
  • We will require the person having contact to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled contact session and wait 15 minutes before leaving the building after the contact session 
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment or you will be late please let us know and your Solicitor (if applicable)
  • Resident parents/carers will be required to leave the building for the period of contact and will need to remain available in case of an emergency 
  • Resident parents/carers will need to ensure they return to the building 5 minutes prior to the end of the contact session 

At the Centre 

We provide toys, games, books and craft activities. Parents are also welcome to bring their own toys and activities to the centre to play with their child. 

Please note the following expectations

  • Please remain with your child until the parent having contact arrives 
  • Parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children whilst at the Centre 
  • Arguments should be avoided as we wish to always maintain a positive and welcoming environment 
  • Any stressful negotiations should take place elsewhere
  • Please do not bring other members of the family or new partner unless this has been approved beforehand by a member of the management team at the Centre
  • Please note that the Centre has a no smoking, no drugs and no alcohol policy
  • No mobile phones to be used during the contact session
  • No photos to be taken during the contact session without our prior consent 
  • Please note that the Centre does not permit external food or drinks without prior approval 

Our Policies

Our policies are available on request:  Justlearn Charity Child Contact Centre has Safeguarding and Child Protection, Confidentiality, Complaints, Health and Safety, Data Protection, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Domestic Violence/Abuse, Recruitment, DBS, Training, Whistleblowing and Toy Policies.